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Largest places in Faroe Islands

The largest cities and places in Faroe Islands at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Faroe Islands.

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Largest places in Faroe Islands
Torshavn Tórshavn1.Streymoy Streymoy13,200
Klaksvik Klaksvík2.Nordoyar Norðoyar4,664
Hoyvik Hoyvík3.Streymoy Streymoy2,777
Argir Argir4.Streymoy Streymoy1,871
Vagur Vágur5.Suduroy Suðuroy1,569
Fuglafjordur Fuglafjørður6.Eysturoy Eysturoy1,542
Vestmanna Vestmanna7.Streymoy Streymoy1,284
Tvoroyri Tvøroyri8.Suduroy Suðuroy1,230
Sorvagur Sørvágur9.Vagar Vágar1,066
Kollafjordhur Kollafjørður10.Streymoy Streymoy1,049
Midvagur Miðvágur11.Vagar Vágar1,040
Leirvik Leirvík12.Eysturoy Eysturoy960
Strendur Strendur13.Streymoy Streymoy854
Toftir Toftir14.Suduroy Suðuroy854
Saltangara Saltangará15.Eysturoy Eysturoy799
Sandavagur Sandavágur16.Vagar Vágar779
Hvalba Hvalba17.Suduroy Suðuroy673
Eidi Eiði18.Eysturoy Eysturoy634
Ytri Skali Ytri Skáli19.Streymoy Streymoy621
Sandur Sandur20.Sandoy Sandoy608
Nordhragota Norðragøta21.Eysturoy Eysturoy573
Runavik Runavík22.Eysturoy Eysturoy503
Skopun Skopun23.Sandoy Sandoy464
Glyvrar Glyvrar24.Eysturoy Eysturoy425
Sydhrugota Syðrugøta25.Eysturoy Eysturoy421
Porkeri Porkeri26.Suduroy Suðuroy396
Kvivik Kvívík27.Streymoy Streymoy372
Soldarfjordhur Søldarfjørður28.Eysturoy Eysturoy360
Hosvik Hósvík29.Streymoy Streymoy344
Sumba Sumba30.Suduroy Suðuroy289
Nolsoy Nólsoy31.Streymoy Streymoy283
Hvannasund Hvannasund32.Nordoyar Norðoyar271
Rituvik Rituvík33.Streymoy Streymoy268
Nordhskali Norðskáli34.Eysturoy Eysturoy238
Nes Nes35.Eysturoy Eysturoy233
Kaldbak Kaldbak36.Streymoy Streymoy229
Oyndarfjordhur Oyndarfjørður37.Eysturoy Eysturoy206
Streymnes Streymnes38.Streymoy Streymoy189
Hvalvik Hvalvík39.Streymoy Streymoy183
Haldarsvik Haldarsvík40.Streymoy Streymoy175
Skalavik Skálavík41.Sandoy Sandoy171
Nordhdepil Norðdepil42.Nordoyar Norðoyar170
Saltnes Saltnes43.Streymoy Streymoy163
Frodhba Froðba44.Suduroy Suðuroy158
Signabour Signabøur45.Streymoy Streymoy157
Hov Hov46.Suduroy Suðuroy149
Velbastadhur Velbastaður47.Streymoy Streymoy148
Lambi Lambi48.Eysturoy Eysturoy148
Oyri Oyri49.Streymoy Streymoy140
Lopra Lopra50.Suduroy Suðuroy124

1 - 50 of 56 places
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